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United Check Recovery Bureau (UCRB) is Located in Buffalo, NY
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What We Do At UCRB

United Check Recovery Bureau, Inc. (UCRB) provides full service, third party, collections that repeatedly meets and exceeds our clients expectations due to our strong work ethic, compassionate staff, and experienced leadership.


The UCRB Approach

By utilizing the skills, knowledge and unique experience of our UCRB agents and management team, we have proven results and strategies on all levels of account placement.


The UCRB Mission

At UCRB, we attempt to provide peace of mind in handling delinquent accounts by limiting your financial loss through a structured process of recovery which is implemented by our experienced staff.


About UCRB

United Check Recovery Bureau, Inc. (UCRB) is a National Consumer Debt Collection Agency founded in 2011.

We are owned and operated by an executive team with over 70+ years of collection management expertise with some of the industry’s leading agencies.


United Check Recovery Bureau (UCRB) By the Numbers

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UCRB & Our Top-Quality Customer Service

In order to provide superior customer service, UCRB keeps a Compliance Specialist and Consumer Advocate on staff to mediate debt-related questions.

UCRB is Committed To Excellence & Expertise

We have a reputation for integrity and a strong work ethic. Before ever reaching the collection floor, all collectors must pass an FDCPA test with a score of 100%.

UCRB Customer Reviews

“Well, I have been through a lot in the last few years. When I got a call I was expecting the worse, but they understood that I had just fallen on hard times and that it happens. The payment plan was longer than I wanted it to be, but it’s the amount I can afford. I learned that if you’re just honest with these people they will really help you out.



“Today I spoke with Robert A. It was surprisingly a great phone call to a collection agency. He was knowledgeable, empathetic & informative. He helped me tremendously. I also came out better than I ever thought I could. Great experience but I hope to never call again. After payment documents were sent electronically A HUGE PLUS.”



I want to extend a positive to working with collections. I had the opportunity to work with a representative Robert A. who assisted me in resolving my debt. Mr. A.’s approach was welcoming as he understood some people run into financial interruptions. An affordable payment plan was set up to get the matter resolved. After the final payment, I called Mr. A. with questions and he spoke with me without making me feel a bother. I’m very grateful for a positive experience as so many times these representatives got a bad reputation. Thank You again Mr. A.”